Python Instagram video downloader\n

Instagram Image

A little program coded by me and helped with the Regex by someone , its a simple powerfull script to download only videos from Instagram posts

You only will need the ID of the post, be sure its a video, not a image. Eitherwise the script will tell you if its a IMG or MP4.

Python Instagram Video Downloader Bar Script

++++ Instagram Video Downloader by Bar. ++++
Uso: ./ id_post name_local_video.

If we want to download this video =>, we follow the next steps.

> python3 ./ Bxu2132IoII videodownload.mp4

++++ Instagram Video Downloader by Bar. ++++
[*] Link Video Found/Encontrado!
[+] HTTP Response:200
[+] Downloading/Bajando Video!
Video in:/home/nano/Desktop/8/videodownload.mp4

Then open your download mp4 =)