[Nootropics] Modafinil


I tried to search for something to blog for a while , but then a friend told me something to blog about, im very enthusiastic about BioHacking so this day we are going to talk about a drug called Modafinil, sold as Provigil too and many brands within different countries. It’s use to treat ADHD , Narcolepsy , and sleeping disorders.

I use to treat ADHD and to extra focus 200mg of modafinil to read books and code/hack. 200mg is a normal if you are a regular user if you try it for the first time I would recommend adjust the dosage up to 50 mg to 100mg. It kicks in fast and the high peaks are from the 2 and 4 hours when taken orally.

I feel the sensation that Im more awake and i have more energy to do all the stuff in the day that i wouldn’t do if i haven’t got it. But be aware Modafinil is adicted , as cited in prospect “ As evidenced by its self-administration in monkeys previously trained to self-administer cocaine. In some studies, modafinil was also partially discriminated as stimulant-like. Physicians should follow patients closely, especially those with a history of drug and/or stimulant(e.g., methylphenidate, amphetamine, or cocaine) abuse. Patients should be observed for signs of misuse or abuse (e.g., instrumentation of doses or drug-seeking behavior)”. So use it carefully and use it for good.